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Our Story

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In December 2008, a devastating fire ruined our Hamtramck facility of more than 50 years. Even though we knew the costs of rebuilding would be extensive, we also understood that there existed an underserved niche in the market for consistent top-quality smoked pork and turkey offal’s. With that in mind, the decision was made to rebuild at a new location.

 A&R has never advocated short cuts or tricks to satisfy their retail customers, we had simply concentrated our efforts on providing unsurpassed top-quality products at reasonable price points. Our shared vision was to continue defining our category by providing uncompromised product, quality, and service at a consistent level unequaled by our competitors.

Our target retailer is one who understands and honors the needs of their customers and who values that very special, discriminating demographic so often overlooked and that represents our primary end user. As a result, many of our retail customers have experienced average sales increases of up to 20% as well as improved margins by marketing our products. In short, we at A&R Packing have pursued a single minded determined; some might say Obsession, with exceeding our customer’s expectations each and every day.

We have invested heavily in a state-of-the-art facility that is second to none in our industry. All of us at a A&R Packing are sincerely grateful and honored to grow partnerships with outstanding organizations. We will tirelessly endeavor to always “raise the bar” on quality service as well as to always be responsive to our customers needs and goals.

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